(American Style) Golden Retriever
(Standard Poodle)
F1 Golden Doodle
(English Creme Golden Retriever)
We are Located In Manitowoc, Wisconsin along Lake Michigan and offer Golden Retriever puppies and Golden Doodle Puppies for sale by a responsible breeder to loving forever homes who
promise to spoil them rotten! Golden Retriever and/or Sugar Doodle  colors vary from Golden, Cream, Creme, English, Blonde, Platinum, White, Tan, Honey and more.. Born and raised in our
loving WI home. Our Golden Retrievers, Poodles, and Goldendoodles live in our home, not a kennel!
Wisconsin Breeder of Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale
"Please always work with a Responsible Breeder!"
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Our Girls
Females we've placed /work with
Because we need to have Unrelated and as Genetically Diverse of breedings as possible we need to have a variety of breeding pairs
chose from for our Breeding Goals with our Golden Retrievers and Golden Doodles.  Our females are
not bred every heat cycle and are given
breeding rests. Their health is EXTREMELY important to us.

We have a few females that we've hand selected and placed with a few families of close friends-so they can enjoy being a fulfilling member of
their family and enjoy all there is to love about being the center of attention and family pet!

We don't want to own our dogs for the only purpose of breeding, they need to be part of a fulfilling family-which they are. We keep very close
updates on them and do a lot of parades and other activities with them. Each of them were selected because of our close attention to their
health, appearance, character, pedigree, and conformation to better our breeding standards.
Check out their pages, where they are from, who they are, what they are like, and what they are doing!

FYI:When they have a litter of puppies, they come to us, they are born with us, and raised by us, and these breedings are done rarely and with
just as much care, respect, and consideration as any of our own females who live with us full time.
They are like our family too....I'm like their doggy Aunt! We doggy sit some of them often too!
So we are like their home away from home!
(English Creme Golden Doodle
also known as a "Sugar Doodle)
Lives with Close Friends
(Our daughter's Nurse)
(Dark American
Golden Retriever)
Lives with my Sister's Family
Visits very often!
Our Girl
Golden Doodle
Lives with Close Friends
White Standard Poodle
(Daughter of Cage and Emma)
(Golden Retriever)
Lives with our cousin's family.
(English Creme Golden Retriever)
Lives with our Cousin's Family
(Golden Retriever)
Golden Doodle
Smaller Standard Sized F1
Lives with our Good Friends
Golden Doodle
Currently an active Service dog
(Lives with our daughter's
Special Education teacher)
(English Creme Golden Retriever)
Lives with our Friend's Family