We want our puppies to be passed on to
other approved families so they can enjoy
the many years of happiness we have been
able to.
A warm welcome of paws, fur, tails, and an occasional doggie slurp from us in Manitowoc, WI!
Our family  has had Golden Retrievers for many years and we have really enjoyed the whole process of breeding, raising puppies with our family,
bettering the breed, and providing healthy, happy, well maintained puppies.

My husband, Ron, and I (Missy) have three daughters ages 2
3, 20, and 14... AND 3 grandchildren who visit often. Our two youngest daughters are
disabled. They have Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1. Also known as SMA. This is very similar to ALS  or Lou Gehrig's disease.  It is a 'cousin' to
Muscular Dystrophy.  They both use Wheelchairs and are on ventilators to assist with their breathing. Their mentality is not affected and they are
very happy and fun little girls! It helps to have a mom that is a nurse (Missy) too! We've always been involved with our dogs and our breeding
efforts became a way to include everyone in our family, both furry and non-furry, in a family run "business" that can basically revolve around what is
most important.... family! And although we do take it very seriously and put a great deal of effort into the best breeding practices we can possibly
offer.... it's really not like work..... because WE LOVE IT!

We did a lot of choosy research to find the right dogs, knowing that in addition to furry family members, we wanted to breed them. So we needed
perfect characteristics in the puppies we chose.  Which is just what we got too!   We have acquired some dogs for our breeding efforts and
placed them with close family and friends, specifically chosen because of the close attention and loving quality of homes they provide them.  "One
family" can only have so many dogs,  and it's not an option to have them "stockpiled" to only be used for breeding...that's just
not right!  So by
placing a few of them with a few of our very closest family and friends we were able to have more options in our breeding program and still ensure
that each of the dogs have the utmost care and love & attention only a family atmosphere can provide.  We do not offer "Guardianship" for dogs
we are intending to breed to other
unknown applicant families only because as we are very close with the dogs we have placed with our  family
and friends and frequently see them and go on outings with them often. We retain a high level of contact with them, which benefits us in really
knowing each of the dogs we are breeding as well.

We want you to know that our dogs are NOT kenneled dogs used just to breed for puppies. We do not refer to our females as "breeders".  Our
dogs are
our pets, our furry family members.  They live in our house, snuggle with us to watch movies, and share our  lives with us.  
We believe in respecting "man's best friend".  

The whole breeding experience has really been wonderful and a rewarding adventure of which we enjoy knowing we are bettering the breed,
providing sound quality golden retrievers with a  wonderful -family raised- head start. We take a lot of pride in our dogs and our puppies and strive
very hard to make sure we do what is right by our dogs and the families they go to. We are people of our word... & these days that really means

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about our family  -----TheWright's
About Us...
We are Located In
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
along Lake Michigan and
offer Golden Retriever
puppies and Golden
Doodle Puppies for sale by
a responsible breeder to
loving forever homes who
promise to spoil them
We are Located In Manitowoc, Wisconsin along Lake Michigan and offer Golden Retriever puppies and Golden Doodle Puppies for sale by a responsible breeder to loving forever homes who promise to
spoil them rotten! Golden Retriever and/or Sugar Doodle  colors vary from Golden, Cream, Creme, English, Blonde, Platinum, White, Tan, Honey and more.. Born and raised in our loving WI home, Our
Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles and Poodles live in our home.
Here we are in a
Sheboygan July 4th   
Parade ... We all had a
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Parade Fun!
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Our Three Girls
Sarah, Puppy Karma, and Madison
Wisconsin Breeder of Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale
"Please always work with a Responsible Breeder!"
We are proudly State
& Inspected:  # 289508-DS
2 Pictures to the left:
This is "Molly" with her awesome friend
Sarah. Molly is a working Goldendoodle who
is a active service dog for this beautiful girl
named "Sarah" (pictured). They are at
Children's Hospital doing what she does best
with her girl!

Molly is from a previous litter

from our Karma and Cage  .