F1 Goldendoodle
Molly is such a sweet and loving girl!
She is very much ALL HEART with a gentle spirit and a genuine love of children.
Sometimes we think she forgets that she is a dog and not a child. She's loved
just like a child though and enjoys all the attention she gets.

She's a very sociable dog and not assertive in any way. In fact she's a big baby
and when other dogs play she often rolls over and is very attentive to playing
neutrally. She's the type of dog that would have hurt feelings if she was yelled
at-though she's not exessively submissive or overly shy. She is very sociable but
definitely not interested in any conflict.. such as with the cat.  She's curious about
cats, but definitely runs with tail tucked when the crabby cat isn't happy about her
being too close. She'll come running and hide behind us so we protect her from
the oncoming cat. But she will snuggle for hours with the dog-friendly cat.

She loves the water, playing fetch, carrying sticks around, and most of all playing
with the kids and getting all the snuggles she can squeeze in. She is very much a
people pleaser and has a goofy comical entertaining nature about herself.
She is just SO SWEET. Genuinely a true sweetheart!

She's been cleared healthy from the vet from preliminary screenings.
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Molly's Father
Molly's Mother