"The wait for Erin's
Make-A-Wish Puppy"
The King was so excited about the arrival of the puppies that he couldn't sleep
until he
went to visit them! When he saw them he fell in love with them! They were so
adorable that he just couldn't decide which one should be chosen for Princess
He knew that Princess Erin wanted a girl. This helped in narrow things down a

The King decided he would sleep on it
and visit them again after he had a good nights rest!
Again, the King of Wishes visited the puppies. Again, the King could not decide!
So he took some pictures to bring with him on his travel home.

He thought, and he thought, and he tried so hard to decide!
This was not an easy choice and it was making him quite tired these days.
One day he would think,
"Today it shall be Miss Purple!"

The next day he would think,
"No, today I change my mind to be Miss Pink!"

The King didn't think it would be so difficult to pick the perfect puppy. They all
were such happy puppies and so loving. He was afraid he wouldn't be able to
choose! He decided he would need quite a long nap. Where he could dream of
puppies and he hoped when he awoke from his slumber he would know the

So as the leaves turned colors on the trees and the days
grew shorter, the King slept.... and slept..... and slept.

Princess Erin was so excited it was hard for her to wait!
It felt like the King would never wake from his sleep
to let her know which puppy it would be!

After a looooooooooong slumber, the King awoke!
That sleep was just what he needed! At last, the King had decided!

Princess Erin's puppy was to be none other than......

The King of Wishes took pictures for Princess Erin to see and then he sprinkled
special WISH stars over the pictures!
Can you find them in each of the four pictures above?
Now that the puppy has been chosen.
She must grow and get ready for Princess Erin.
So she can run. So she can play, So she can snuggle.
So she can be the perfect puppy for a Princess!

Finally after what felt like an eternity for Princess Erin and her sister's
Princess Meghan and Princess Lauren...
The Royal Puppy was almost READY!
She was bathed!
At last, after a tail-wagging wait for her, the King of Wishes
It was time! He was on his way to surprise Princess Erin,
and her sisters, with the puppy that had been so long

He had one more piece of news!
The puppy was to be named...
She was fluffed!
She was excited to meet
her Princesses!
She was turning out to be
the perfect puppy!
She learned how
to snuggle!
She practiced
how to play!
She was
On a sunny November Saturday, the Royal Court gathered
in preparation for the delivery of this special Make-A-Wish puppy!

The King of Wishes arrived and so the story unfolds....
Click the picture to see!