"The wait for Erin's
Make-A-Wish Puppy"
This was the very dear wish of a very  beautiful Princess.
So for Princess Erin
a puppy would be granted!  A very special puppy!
By Royal Order of
King Of Wishes:
Let us begin our search far and wide!
For not just any puppy, but a special puppy!
This puppy must be worthy of our
fair Princess Erin!
She must be happy, healthy, joyful, full of puppy
kisses, and endless tail wagging!

This can not be any puppy, this must be a
special puppy. In fact, this puppy should be
the BEST puppy!
The King
And after searching far and wide, some possible puppy parents were found!
Though not all of them would make the right type of  puppy for Princess Erin.
First there was Miss "Emma"
While "Emma" was a great entertainer and quite silly,
she was very fluffy and had CRAZY hair!
She was fun to consider but surely this wouldn't result in the puppy Princess
Erin wished for.
After searching far and wide, over hills and mountains and through creeks and
valleys, another possibility was found! Introducing "Sweet Mocha"....
But alas...
"Sweet Mocha" wouldn't be having puppies in time for the dear Princess Erin!
Although she was the right kind of puppy she was rather darker than the Princess
as well. So the search for the right mother for her puppy continued.
Along came another option,
"Queen Jewels"
Now this was definitely a possibility! After all she was already royalty! She was the
right kind and she was the right shade as well. Surely she could be a possibility!
The King was excited to hear of this and was eager to find out if Queen Jewels
could be the one.
Although Queen Jewels seemed she may be the right one....
There would be no puppies until Spring from Queen Jewels. This
saddened the King because he was so excited to make Princess Erin's
Wish come true!  Though the Princess was patient, the King just knew
there was another answer out there.
So the search continued. Then the King stumbled upon this picture...
The King proclaimed "I must find this one!"
She looks like she loves children. This would be perfect for Princess Erin
because she is a child!  A very, very special child.  The King knew from
looking at this picture, he must learn more about this dog and he must see
what he can do to get a puppy from this one! The King had a very, very
good feeling about this one!
She was adorable as a puppy!
The King was so
happy to discover this!
She loved to play
This pleased the King!
She loved making faces
and giving kisses!
The King was all smiles!
The King knew he was on to something.
He uncertainly was almost certain he could be certain... about this
The King was so excited he couldn't think straight!  He knew he had
to see more pictures of this charming one known as "Kiwi". He
thought to himself :
"Kiwi, I wonder if the name is meant to be anything like the fruit? A
Kiwi is brown and furry on the outside and so very sweet on the
The king became so excited he was jumping for joy!
She was playful!
She was affectionate!
She was goofy!
She was sincere!
She was beautiful!

And the King decided...
All through the land the people were cheering and clapping!
They were happy because the Wish for the Beautiful Princess Erin was about
to happen!
The beautiful Kiwi was about to have puppies with....
.....Can it be true?
A knight? Really?  A real Knight? Yes, it was true!
He was stunning. He was charming. He was handsome. He was strong.
The King was thrilled because Dartanien was not just any dog, he was a
special dog.
The lands were travelled far and wide and his parents came from overseas in
a distant land. When Dartanien entered a room all of the lady dogs blushed
because he was so handsome! The King knew he made the right choice and
he hoped Princess Erin would
end up with the perfect puppy from Kiwi and Dartanien!
He was Silly!
He was Sweet!
He was Charming!
He was Playful!
He was Sincere!
He was a Gentleman!
And So it was decided!
Kiwi & Dartanien would be the parents of Princess Erin's
On Sunday Sept 4th, 2011
The Royal Kingdom was visited by....
The puppies arrived!

But which will she be,
Purple or Pink?
The King of Wishes decided to grant a very special wish.
Silver Knight!