May 27th, 2010
F1B Golden Doodle Litter
75% Golden Retriever x 25% Poodle
4 Girls & 3 boys
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Golden Doodle x Golden Retriever
F1b-More Golden Retriever
Creates:  F1b Golden Doodles
Cross %:   25% Poodle/75% Golden Retriever
Coat Type: Varies, but leans towards less
curl most likely, more fur type coat.
Shedding: Varies, will shed some, but far less
than golden retrievers do. Approximately
up to 1/4 of what Golden Retrievers shed.
Allergies: Varies depending on coat, will
have some dander but will be less
than Golden Retrievers. Good for families
with only lightly mild allergies to dander.
Framing: Varies, however English Creme
lines of Golden Retrievers tend to
be more dominant. More likely to have
the stockier Golden Retriever frame.
Grooming: Varies, depends on coat type.
Probably not much grooming, may need
to trim facial hair or a few wispy areas.
Perfect For: Families with mild allergies or
those looking for the most Golden Retriever
looks  with the benefit of decreased shedding of
a Golden Doodle. Even easier to train than
Golden Retrievers, yes it is true
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