Week 7
Transitioning to the crate training has gone pretty well. Each of us will get better at it
once we are home. We have done a good job learning our manners when we are
playing. We still shiver and shake after a bath, like a typical Goldendoodle puppy
does, even when we like our bathtime! We like the dramatic effect!  

We've been playing outdoors, getting kiddie pool baths, playing with lots of different
kids, and getting lots of snuggles. Exploring is going well and once in awhile we will
still get startled if something unexpected happens such as an unexpected noise.
Once in awhile we will be a little cautious and other times we will be excitedly
curious playing outside. Inside we like to find things to grab and run around with and
we love to play "catch the puppy" around the table with it then!  Oh the life of a
puppy! Play, sleep, play some more.
We have been working hard on getting ready to be well rounded pups for our
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7 Weeks
(Mocha) American Golden Retriever  
x  (Cage) Standard Poodle
50% Golden Retriever x 50 % Standard Poodle  
Born April 23rd
Ready June 16th
All Puppies
have been Reserved
1-Rechlicz Family- Dk Green "Faith"
2-Merlo Family- Purple "Saige"
3-Kunkel Family -Gold "Charlie"
4-Wright Family- Lime "Molly"
5-Ashenbrenner Family- Dk Pink
1-Bailey Family -Yellow "Riley"
2-Goetz Family-Lt. Blue "Oliver"
3-Graff Family-Orange "Lucky"
4-Kozin Family- Red "River"
5-Fields-Gilbert Family-Dk Blue "Larry"
Miss Dark Green
Miss Dark Pink
Mr Yellow
"Riley" Bailey
Miss Gold
Kunkel Puppy
Miss Purple
"Saige"  Merlo
A few of the files from this week didn't save
correctly and therefore there isn't a picture
available of each puppy this week.