Karma & Cage's
Only 2 F1b Golden Doodle
Golden Doodle x Standard Poodle Cross
25% Golden Retriever x 75 % Standard Poodle
Born  Feb 23, 2010                     1 Boy & 1Girl
Ready after April 16th
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Week 7
Wisconsin Breeder of Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale
"Please always work with a Responsible Breeder!"
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Last week
Weeks 4 -&-
Weeks 4
It's amazing to see how fast a DOODLE grows! They aren't feeding us Miracle grow...honest! But
we are very good eaters...though thats not hard to do since there's only two of us. We've
discovered...we have rolls on our rolls. We are a pretty happy duo and very rarely do you even
hear a peep out of us. Our Mom has been so devoted to us!
We've heard that we are the fastest growing litter they've ever had, though it's again probably
because there's only two of us. No competition in the milk department! We are especially big
when compared to Kiwi's puppies.  Even though we are almost just a week older, we technically
are at least two weeks or more older because we were born a little on the late side and they were
born a little on the earlier side, so it made our birthdays a little closer than we actually are in

Of course we'd like to say we are simply 'more advanced because we are "DOODLES"...... it's
really not the case....but they don't need to know that.

This week our pictures are a little lacking....its because the 'good' shots were accidentally
deleted....and these are the ones they were able to find when they went to put our pictures up on
the website! Oh well, you can't go back in time....ya just have to work with what you've got.....and I
think we're still pretty cute in em!
Ta To For now.....
Wrigley & "Baby Boy"
Week 4...
...Week 5...
"Wrigley" at 4 weeks
curious about
the camera!
Karma's Boy at 4 weeks
...Week 5...
What a difference in growth from week 4 to week 5! It feels like we have DOUBLED in size!
Our pictures from this week weren't a total loss....except the ones where we were playing
with the kids. That was fun....but alas ....those pictures didn't get saved correctly!Thats ok
because there is plenty of playtime we can git pictures in!

Rumor has it...our bathtub photos are coming soon....ooooh bubbles....fun! We've been
eating our puppy chow and have had a few manicures...(love those)... and we've begun
exploring the house. There's this furry "CAT" that keeps peeking in on us....we'd like to see
more of her...but she's quite elusive. We haven't thought of chasing her yet...but maybe by
next week we'll give it a try.
See you soon!
Wrigley & "Baby Boy"
"Wrigley" & Baby
Karma's Baby
A Bunny