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March 2009-A big sloppy kiss hello to all!

Life has been good this past month here.  I got spayed 2 weeks ago.  It all went fine except they shaved my belly and one of my front legs.  I
looked rather silly I think.  Thank goodness it is growing back nicely because snow on the bare belly is rather cold.  I laid low and refrained
from doing belly slides down my snow mountains for about a week and then I just couldn't take it anymore.  Those snow mountains were
calling my name.  I have to get as much belly sliding in as possible because my snow mountains are quickly disappearing.  I don't quite
understand it.  But, do you know what is back???  My mud puddles!  I have been enjoying them tremendously!  My Mom and Dad, they keep
saying that they can't wait until it dries up.  That doesn't sound like much fun to me.  I must have been naughty yesterday though because my
Mom put me in the bathtub and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed.  And then that thing that blows warm gale force winds at me came out
and seemed like it wouldn't stop...  I am very fluffy and light colored again though and my Mom says that I look and smell like a pretty puppy
again.  Silly Mom, puppies are supposed to play in puddles!

When I went to visit my friends at the vet, I was 5 1/2 months old and I weighed in at 43 pounds.  I have gotten a little taller.  The top of my
back comes up to my Mom's knee.  My hair is really filling in now and I am getting a beard Mom says.  I don't object to it because when I eat, I
can use it to save some flavoring from my yummy dinner!  Mom and Dad are impressed because I still really don't shed much.  Mom combs me
once a week and gets a little hair ball about the size of a quarter.  They are thinking that I may get a little warm this summer with all this hair.  
But they shouldn't worry because I found this creek in our back yard that I can go swimming in if I get too warm.  It will be just fine, trust me...

Well, I better get back outside to play on my snow mountains.  Mom says that by next week, they may be gone.  What ever am I going to do
with out them???
Talk to you soon!
Love, Zoey
The Golden Doodle
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APRIL 2009-Yesterday was a big day for Zoey. She got her first haircut!! As much as we love her shaggy, crazy hair, it was proving to be
too much insulation for her. Over the past few weeks, we have had a few days of warm weather. Zoey, who loves to play outside, was
finding that playing ball was awfully warm with all that hair. She would pant, and pant and pant during and after our time outside. So, B and
I decided that maybe it was time to give Zoey a new look for summer.

After 2 trips to the Dog House, who was highly recommended to us by some good friends with a Labradoodle, we took the plunge. Zoey
had a 4 hour "Spa Treatment" yesterday and I think she loved every minute of it!! She has been prancing around since she came home
yesterday as if to say,"Look at me! I am such a pretty puppy!". They put on this pink scarf with frogs on it on her and she just loves it. All
night and still this morning, she just looks at you and smiles when you say how pretty she is. She is so funny.

Her hair is so soft now. It reminds us of lamb hair. We knew she was going to be pretty light after her hair cut, but what we didn't expect
was that was that she was going to have stripes!! She has two stripes, one on each side of her belly right behind her front legs. I wonder if
this means she is going to think she is a tiger now???

The Dog House, did a wonderful job and we would highly recommend them to everyone! You can tell that they really care about animals by
their spotless, sweet smelling facility. Check them out if you are looking for a top notch Pet Grooming, Boarding and Pet Store!

Here is Zoey before her Spa Day...
Lexi was trying to help Zoey see better because her eyebrows and hair was in her eyes. Zoey wasn't so keen with the whole pink clip in her
hair. About 2 minutes after I took this picture, she was batting herself in the head until she got that silly clip out. That in itself was
entertainment!    Also a picture of Zoey, the lion--Queen of the Plantation- watching over Lexi while she sleeps.
And now for the new, trim Zoey......
Our happy girl! Isn't she pretty??!!
She's now sportin' stripes... Zippy Zoey, Tiger of the Plantation!
Thank you Daddy for taking me to the Spa!
Hello everyone-

I just wanted to say Hi.  I am 9 months old now and living the life!  I am
enjoying summer a bunch.  I still miss my snow piles but this grass and
all these flowers, are so much fun!  I like all the neat smells and tastes ,
especially after Mom gets that lawn mower thing out and makes the
grass all pretty.  I love to be outside.  I have found a few favorite spots
to lay and watch the world go by.  My new favorite place is to lay just
inside the garage door on the cold concrete.  I can lay there and keep
an eye on the front of the house.  I have to make sure that those birds
and squirrels stay off my lawn so I am frequently getting up and chasing
them away. When I have chased all those intruders away, I just come
back and resume my post lying on the garage floor and wait for them to
come back... A dog's work is never done.
I continue to be a very good girl and Mom and Dad say I listen better
than the kids.  I will do what ever it takes to continue to get all those
snuggles and belly rubs.  My Dad is teaching me hand signals to sit and
lay down.  I picked that up in  about 1 day.  It wasn't very hard seeing as
how I have been sitting and laying down on verbal commands since I
was about 10 weeks old.  I like these new versions he is teaching me
though.  I just keep putting all these tricks in my back pocket and pull
them out when asked to and guess what??  I get treats!!  I like my
treats!  Mom and Dad were a little worried if when summer came, I would
try to explore out of my year.  But I am not that silly.  I know my
boundaries and do not cross them.  They really like that!
I got my 2nd hair cut about 2 weeks ago.  I love the spa.  It is 4 hours of
constant petting.  I love that!!  It is supposed to keep me cooler
although I am not sure that it does...but what it does do is allow me to
snuggle on Mom and Dad's bed with them at night for a few minutes and
in the morning before they get up.  And I definitely like that!!

So, that is it for now.  I gotta get back to my patrolling of my yard.  I don't
want those birds and squirrels to think they own the place!  Have a
good summer.

Hugs and sloppy kisses to all.


Hi Everyone!

I wanted to quick send a note to say Hi.  I am 1 year old already!  I have to
tell you that I think I have the best family ever!  I am so happy at my house.  
I get lots of love, attention and of course my fair share of treats!  What
could be better?  

I know that you have families that are excited to have a puppy from your
program, so I thought I would give them all a little update and try to
convince them that a puppy from your program is definitely the way to go!  
Being a Golden Doodle, I am told, is a really special thing.  I have the best
of two great breeds all rolled into one.  I am a pretty smart Doodle.  I pick
up tricks and commands very quickly.  I mastered sit, stay, lay down and
come within two weeks of coming home.  I also learned how to shake, give
high fives and retrieve my balls or babies by the time I was 12 weeks.  I
have since learned how to sit and lay down with hand signals.  I was potty
trained by 10 weeks both day and night.  I am boundary trained to my yard
as well as my grandpa's yard.  I have also been potty and poopy trained to
2 specific areas of our yard and will not go in any other area.

I love to play ball with my family.  I am very good at catching in mid air as
well as on the bounce.  I am very good at bringing my balls make to my
family in the house and well, outside, I like to play keep away once in a
while.  I have learned how to play soccer in the past 2 months.  My Mom
and Dad say I would be a great goalie!  I know that when I block the ball or
stop it, after a little fancy footwork, I am not to bite my soccer ball. I am very
good at finding hidden sticks and balls outside either in the leaves or in the
snow.  I love doing belly slides down snow hills, that my mom says are
gonna be back soon!!  I can hardly wait...   I am a good patrol dog when it
comes to birds, squirrels and bunnies who are invading my yard.  I also
have learned that deer are fun to look at but do not chase them out of our
yard.  hehe

I am a very well behaved Doodle.  I only chew and play with my toys.  
Occasionally, I find a dryer sheet that I like to carry around, but when Mom
takes it away, I just tell her I am using it for static gard.  I still get a little
excited when someone new comes over and get a little jumpy for a minute
or two but am easily redirected to sit when told.  I greet everyone I see with
a big sloppy kiss.  I just love people.  I walk very well off leash and stay by
my families side.  I do walk very well when on my harness and leash.  I am
not a fan of the leash attached to my collar and become a little stubborn
and refuse to walk.  But once my family figured out I didn't like that and
bought my the harness to wear while on walks, life was good.  I am getting
better about riding in the car.  I still am not a big fan of actually getting into
the car without a little help but once in there, I have learned to handle my

My Mom and Dad say that I definitely have more Golden Retriever in me as
far as my coat goes.  I have a very thick coat that is very lamby soft.  I do, I
guess, shed somewhat.  My Mom and Dad just bought a new vacuum
cleaner and have said something about trying it out on me.  I am not so
sure about that thought though.  Mom and Dad say that every Doodle is
different as far as their coat and I am just one of the lucky ones that has
taken on my Daddy Drex's coat.  They love me lots, despite my shedding.  I
tell them that my shedding is just my way of always being with them
wherever they go.  

I am about 23 inches tall to the top of my front shoulder and I weigh just shy
of 60 pounds.  My vet says that I am lean and have very good muscle
tone.  I have a soft mouth except when I find a really yummy stick or
rawhide bone.  I am eager to please and to give and accept lots of love. I
love to snuggle with my family on the floor, couch and bed.   I am a good
listener and am completely loyal to my family.  I also love kids so very

I think that my early days with you and your family started me off on the
right track in life.  I am thankful that you took such good care of me while I
was just a tiny little puppy and started teaching me.  I would highly
recommend anyone who is looking for a wonderful puppy, to come and visit
you.  You have an outstanding program and I am proud to have been a
part of your successes!!

I hope that all is well with you and your family. Please share my big sloppy
kisses to all!


Zoey Radtke
Wisconsin Breeder of Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale
"Please always work with a Responsible Breeder!"