The Golden Doodle
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January 2009
Oscar has been a wonderful addition to our family. From the first day it was hard to imagine our home
without him. He is loving and attentive and growing so quickly. At four months now he is almost 30
pounds. He was potty trained very quickly and although we have done no formal training yet he is quick
to learn the house rules. He loves to wrestle with the kids and play with our neighbors two year old
shepard mix. It is great to see them having so much fun together. I forget how big he has gotten and he
ate a batch of cookies that I left on the counter to cool! Naughty boy but he is so cute you can't get
angry with him. We are learning how to manage our big loveable dog who really likes to eat!
Hope all is well with your family. We love Oscar and he makes our family so happy.
7 weeks old
4 months old
4 months old
4 months old
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6 months old
1 year old
Oct 2009 We are so happy with Oscar I
am tempted to get another dog from you
but our house is full enough for awhile.
Here are some recent pictures of him. He
does look a lot different from his litter
mates. We get asked him about him all
the time "What kind of dog is that?"
He definitely looks more like his dad but
with a poodle toupee!
Glad to see all is well with you.
Oscar is an amazing dog! so smart,
loveable and well behaved we are so
lucky to have him.
Take care
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