1 week old
2 weeks old
3 weeks old
4 weeks old
5 weeks old
6 weeks old
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8 weeks old
Me & My Boy!
11 weeks old
11 weeks old
9 weeks old
Jax had a great xmas. I gave him his gift and
he looked at me kind of like am I supposed to
have this? Then once I smiled at him and told
him it was his, he tried to take off with it. But
since I am have had to become super smart to
outwit my lil baby, I already had his leash on so
he couldn't run. He tried to open it but I was
afraid he would rip the gift inside. Once I
opened it and I put it on him, he wasn't too
sure about the whole thing. But he adjusted to
it fine and he loves it. His grandma (donna) got
him a squeaky chew toy that he loves!! I hear it
at all hours of the night and his favorite thing
to do is play fetch with it.
Jax and I will be starting puppy classes soon
and we are also enrolled in training classes in
March. We are super excited...I know Jax will
be overjoyed to meet all those new friends.
Have a great New Year!!!
11 weeks old
11 weeks old
14 weeks old
14 weeks old
14 weeks old
14 weeks old
14 weeks old
9 weeks old
These pics are from when he turned six months old.
Here are more pics of Jax!  The kids were
outside playing while Adam was plowing the
driveway so Jax couldn't go out. He wanted out
SOOO bad....my poor lil baby! I was just to
afraid he would run in front of the snow plow, so
he had to stay in with me. He is doing great with
the kids, they love him so much!
Hey guys, here is Jax today! March
13th 2009! I just love to kiss him and
love him. He doesn't seem to like me
kissing him, but I just can't help it!

His legs seem to go forever and he
doesnt realize he's taller and bigger
than he really is.... it's sort of like he is
in his teen years! He will fill out and his
coat will continue to evolve. But what's
been coming is still considerably lighter
in color and he has long loose waves
that flow in the wind. His facial framing
hair is still quite whispy but it will fill in
as he gets a little older.

He's very sweet and loving. He also is
very eager for any activity! He loves to
go for walks and runs on the leash too!
He loves it so much outside it's hard to
convince him to come in! When he
gets really excited on the leash and
wants to get going... he hops like a
Kangaroo... oh it is hilarious!
Health Clearances:

Eye CERF- Normal-Pass

We have veterinary health
screenings done .
Wisconsin Breeder of Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale
"Please always work with a Responsible Breeder!"
Our Golden Doodle Stud
Jax lives  with our good friends and has a great "Mom" and "Dad" and kids to
keep him busy
(Pictures Below).
. Jax loves to run on the acres and acres of land and chase them in their
ATVs! He's fun, charming, outgoing, and active.  He has good hair days, and
typical Golden Doodle Style Bad Hair days too....and quite a fan base also!