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HI Missy and Ron, Jasper at his 16 week check up now
weights 31.9 pounds.  He is a big boy.   He still continues
to chase the cats, grab anything in reach to have you
chase him, and grabs Gordy by his tail, ear, lips, or
collar to play. Jasper has now graduated to puppy
Kindergarten and catches on quickly. He is now potty
trained, but if you get him excited he will tinkel alittle.
Jasper loves to go for walks in the woods and finally
figured out he can jump a tree that  partially fell down
where before he would crawl under it. His front teeth are
now loose and will fall out  soon. We think we figured out
how to send you pictures thru e-mail so you can post
them. Please let us know if it works. I have given your
phamplet to our Vet and another lady so hopefully you
can give other families the joy we have everyday with our
energtic and lovable Jasper. Love, Nan and Family
Pictures of
Jasper @ 3 - 4
months old
Now Jasper at 9 months as of JUNE 2009
Jasper is almost 9 months old and 64 pounds. He is such an incredible dog. He's so confident!!! When you walk him in town
he holds his head high as to say "Look at me everyone".  Jasper's personality is as electrifying as his hair. He loves to have
you chase him around the house with something he knows he shouldn't have - he points his tail end at you and turns his
head and looks at you like come and get me. Jasper still continues to terrorize the cat such as grabbing the cats head,
stepping on him and chasing him all over the house. Gordy (Gordon Setter) and Jasper are best buddies. Wrestling and
trying to steal each others rawhide is such fun. Last Sunday we took Jasper swimming for the first time. He has no fear.
When we threw the ball  he went under the water with his head trying to find the ball for about 12 seconds. We thought he
was drowning and were heading in when his head popped out and he came to shore looking like a drowned rat. Jasper
caught on quickly and was right after the ball trying to beat Gordy. Jasper truely loves the water. I'm trying not to get his hair
cut because I love the look he has with it sticking out all over the place.
Our family truely want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for Jasper. We love him so much and I can't picture our
lifes without him. Jasper diffently makes our lives exciting!!
Hi Missy and family,

Today at 10:55 Jasper turned 1. We had vanilla
cupcakes with dinosaur sprinkles to celebrate
and Jasper got lots of presents. Jasper alais Mr.
Dark Blue received a new royal blue collar with
his name and phone number on it. He looks so
hansome. Jasper also got a rabbit kong toy,
Gooberlicious dog treats, and a huge jolly ball for
throwing outside. We haven't been able to get
the rabbit kong toy away from Jasper - we're
wondering what will be left to it in the morning.
Jasper still hasn't had his hair cut, but it will have
to be done soon so the snow doesn't ball up on
his legs. I figure Jasper weights around 70
pounds. He has been as spunky as usual. Today
we pulled out all the pictures you posted every
week when he was just born. Thank you very
much for taking the time to do all those pictures.
We sat and laughed about the Halloween ones.
We will be sending you his 1st Halloween pictures
with us in about a month. Jasper is such a great
addition to our family and we love him so
much!!!! Some day the boys wanted to know if
we could bring Jasper over so you could see
him? Take care and Thanks again!

Nan and Family
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