The Golden Doodle
Hello from Viroqua!I meant to get a 9 week picture...not sure if it's too late to get
something on the website but thought I'd try sending a picture of Daisy taken
yesterday.  We are in love with her!  She has caught on to the rules of our house really
quickly, potty training has gone well and she is turning out curly like I hoped.We hope
all is well at your house!The Russell-Sedgwick family
1 week old
2 weeks old
3 weeks old
4 weeks old
5 weeks old
6 weeks old
7 weeks old
8 weeks old
10 weeks old
5 months old
July 2009-These are some pictures of daisy
for your website.we love her so much!!!!
i am one of the six owners of Daisy. we adopted her last year. thank you so
much for her!! she is a wonderful dog!!!!
Daisy would like to send you a note.

my name is Daisy. i live in Wisconsin with my family the Sedgwick-Russell's.
they are very nice to me and they made me a special path to run around on.
they let me dance with them in the living room and they love me and i love them.
i am so glad that they found me.
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