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Our first night didn't go as bad as we were expecting. Our sons had
Tucker running so much that he was "tuckered" out. Beginning of
bedtime went well with wake ups at 1a.m., 3 a.m. (had to poop), and then
again at 6 a.m. The boys are in love with him, as are we.  Our youngest is
all excited for about 3 minutes and then back to his normal routine and
then comes back to the puppy. Our oldest is all about Tucker. He is
telling him stories and constantly right next to him to make him feel as
comfortable as he can. So teh transition for us is going very well. Tucker,
I think is doing okay. He loves his new toys! I think Tucker is going to be
protective of the boys right off the bat, he never wants to leave their
sides. But you can tell that Tucker is sad, and he did cry a bit off and on
last night which broke our hearts. But all in all I think he is adjusting well. I
have attached a pic or two for you to see the activities last night. Oh and
Tucker did great at school today, the kids and teachers gave him a
passing grade. He is so calm right now and just snuggles in, we definitely
made the right decision with Tucker.

Thank you so much for helping us with the addition
of our new family member!