5 weeks old
3 weeks old
1 week old
2 weeks old
We can't thank you enough for the
bag of goodies and the tons of
information!  We know that these are
very special little doglettes, so we are
taking plenty of pictures and will keep
you posted on Shelby's progress.   

Her meeting with Maggie went pretty
well.  Maggie wasn't the least bit
jealous, just curious.  Sadie ( the pissy
grey cat) reacted exactly the way I
thought she would.
All hisses and teeth and a great big
bottle-brush tail.  We'll work it out.

Shelby and I are currently in the
library/office/den. She is seeing
herself in the mirrored closet doors
and getting all excited about that other
4 weeks old
6 weeks old
7 weeks old
5/31 9 weeks old....
By the way, she is not only a digger, but a climber.  I
thought a couple of upside-down laundry baskets would
provide a good temporary barricade.  I was wrong.  She
took a few minutes to look them over, and then
carefully made her way up one side, scrambled over
the top, and plopped herself on the floor on the other
side.  She sat there, tongue hanging out smiling at us
until we congratulated her.  What else could we do?
Now at 10 wks old...
The past two weeks with Shelby have been interesting.  And
sleepless.  And so very worthwhile.

As we anticipated, there has been a whole lot of mopping and
rinsing and laundry.  

The "potty" thing is going pretty well now; it took a while to get
everyone on board with a schedule.  Dave and I got mixed up
the other morning and she got fed twice!  It was a very rotund
puppy I carried outside.  We are working on the "sit" a little at a
time.  Next will be "sit stay". I'm a little reluctant to introduce
"shake" just now-- Maggie was so enthusiastic at first that she
nearly enucleated me!

She likes to help around the house.  So far, she has eliminated a
few things to wash, shown an appreciation for plants, and
recycled some trash.  She shares my appreciation for devouring
paperback books and walking, and loves to help wash the
dishes.  She is fitting in just fine here.  

She very much reminds my of another dear friend.  With my
apologies to A.A. Milne and the Disney people (not to mention a
copyright infringement):

The wonderful thing about Doodles is that
Doodles are wonderful things
Their tops are made out of rubber; their
bottoms are made out of springs
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun fun, fun
But the most wonderful thing about Doodles is
Shelby's the cutest one!
The wonderful thing about Doodles
Is Doodles are wonderful chaps
They're loaded with vim and vigor
They love to leap into your laps
They're jumpy, bumpy, clumpy, thumpy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun
But the most wonderful thing about Doodles is
Shelby's the cutest one
Doodles are cuddly fellows, Doodles are
awfully smart
Everyone else is jealous
That's why I repeat
The wonderful thing about Doodles is because
Doodles are wonderful things!

Pictures to follow.
The Sugar Doodle
"Beyond the Rainbow"

As much as I loved
the life we had
and all the times we played,
I was so very tired and knew
my time on earth
was soon to fade.

I saw a wondrous image
of a place that's trouble-free
Where all of us can meet again
to spend eternity.

I saw the most
beautiful Rainbow,
and on the other side
Were meadows rich and beautiful
-- lush and green and wide!

And running through
the meadows
as far as the eye could see
Were animals of every sort
as healthy as could be!

My own tired, failing body
was fresh and healed and new
And I wanted to go run with them,
but I had something left to do.

I needed to reach out to you,
to tell you that I'm well,
That this place is truly wonderful,
a happy place to dwell.

That your heart shouldn't ache so,
...the pain should go away
I'll wait for you in comfort
'til you come for me some day.

That although we're not together
in the way we used to be,
We're still connected by a bond
no eye can ever see.

That when you need to find me,
we're never far apart
Just look beyond the Rainbow
and listen with your heart.

- Author Unknown
In Memory of Maggie
On Tuesday  June 16, 2009 Shelby said "Good bye" to her new
found "older Sister" Maggie Rose. Below are the pictures of
Shelby with her. If only people could get along with each other the
way dogs can! Maggie Rose was able to pass down her Legacy
to Shelby.... what a wonderful honor for Shelby to have been given.

A Day In The Life of Shelby

My day starts out at a quarter of five

Here are my folks; I'm glad they're alive

Halfway to the door, I squat and I pee

We should’ve done this right around three!

I bark: Where is my water?

Where is my chow?

You should have thought of me

Way before now.  

Be late for work?

I don't really care

Wherever you go,

I want to be there.

Now I hear the sound of the water

What's up with that?  They smell like they ought to

No need to shower, no need to spray

You smell just perfectly fine today.

Are those your best pants?

Wow, are those hose?

I can't help it; I'm going to brag

Give me one second; I'll make a snag.

A ride in the car? Too good to be true!

Here, let me change places with you.

I can shift, I can steer, I can see out the window

Wherever it is, I just want to go!

I love the vet,

The best trip yet.

I get shots, but I don't care

They have the best treats ever there!

Where is that basket? I didn't see

Hold off a little, it smells just like me.

You're going to wash that?

You have to be bats!

What is this thing you put on my neck?

Can't I just poop right here on the deck?

Look, here is mulch: it looks like food

I'll carry some in to see if it’s good.

The flowers look pretty tasty to me

One bite was enough; I'll let them be

So I grab the hose and take off at a run

Being chased in the yard is such wholesome fun!

Mom talks of a park not far from home

It's made for dogs and their people to roam.

It's fenced and it's gated, all full of tall grasses

I can't wait to go, I get to sniff butts.

There's a lake there, too, and I want to get in.

But I don't know if I'll sink or I'll swim.  

I hear the water isn't too clean

I don't want my pretty white fur to turn green!

A walk in the 'hood

Sounds pretty good

I'm not good on the leash, so I just might gag

What is Dad doing with that plastic bag?

Now, the mop is my pal, that is a fact.

She's close to me however I act.

A loyal friend, so pure and true

She always behind me, whatever I do.

It gets pretty hot here just around two

And I keep on looking for something to chew

Dad's shins look good, but I'm not really certain...

Nope, my bad, he seems to be hurting!

He yells to Mom from out on the deck:

“More bandages, please, I'm bleeding like heck!”

I slink into the corner; I try to hide

I did that to him, it can't be denied.

“We've used dozens of bandages; there aren't any

I guess I'll have to run out to the store.

We're about out of that ointment, too.”

I sure hope I'm not disappointing you!

Soon Mom is back with a big paper bag.

Something for me?  I jump and I wag.

Cardboard, toothpaste, or TP, I beg

ANYTHING has to be better than leg!

I remember Sadie right around three

She'd love to make friends with me!

There you are, you crabby thing

Did you have to swat my head again?

It’s about four

And I can’t really see

Is that the sun in my eyes or glossy grey fur?

It’s all so blinding, just a big blur.

What is that smell?

It must be the grill.

They’re having meat?

When do I eat?

I bark: “Where is my water?”

“Where is my chow?”

“What in the heck are

You doing now?”

It's one o'clock in the morning

Where is that woman going?

The sheets and the blankets are just barely damp

What the heck is so wrong with that?

Dad gets up to find a new place to sleep

I'm just fine, I don't make a peep.

Mom's up again, doing some wash

I need some rest, I wish she'd hush.

Now it’s four in the morning, I gotta pee

I heard Dad get up, what about me?

He flushes, I can't

Am I going to get another bath?

My name is Shelby .

It’s all about ME!
Summer 2009:
Patients come before dinner and vacuuming and laundry and yard work and dealing
with mail and bills.  Sad, but true.  But there are always at least a few minutes for
family time:  belly rubs, ball-chasing, good-night smooches, and some some intense

I had hoped to edit this a little, as it started when I was disturbed about Maggie's
death.  Please forgive me for going on and on, and enjoy it for what it is.  For some
strange reason, I needed to do this for Maggie, and I'm content now.  Thank you for
allowing me to purge. It was like a bad song running through my head: a little like "I'ts
Fun to Stay at the Y...", no I like you; I can't do that.  Better off thinking of "Wild
Thing," by the Troggs, Shelby's theme song.

Not as good as Dr. Suess, but maybe good enough for a few people to get a kick out
of.  For Sarah and Madison and your other daughter, and all families that love and
appreciate their good dogs: