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The Sugar Doodle
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Remember When?
"This was the first day my "Dad"
ever held me, when they came to
visit.... I snuggled right in. I'm so
glad they chose me!"
Hello Missy,
Koda is such a good boy and we are so in love with him. He is such a sweet puppy
May 2009
AUG 2009: We love Koda so much. After the initial shock of having a puppy in the house
wore off, we all have adjusted very well. His first days were actually
great. He whined a little but it did not take long for him to adjust. He is
such an incredibly smart puppy. We knew he would be but it's just so great
to watch and work with him. We are going to do obedience classes in the fall
and I pretty much expect him to be one of the top stars. He can already do
so much at 5 mos and really listens well. His most favorite game though does
seem to be "keep away". He LOVES it when he has a toy and you chase him for it.

We are enjoying watching him grow. It's funny because people still comment
on his wolf paws he needs to grow into. He is such a gorgeous dog. I look at
him all the time and think about how beautiful I think he is.

Getting the kids out of bed in the morning is super fun now because Koda
does it for me. I have to get it on videotape for you to see. It's so cute.
The boys always wake up with a smile now.

Thank you for everything. I will send more photos soon to get more up to date.
9 months