June 2009-Chance is doing great!  He
and Shi, our golden retriever, are the
best of friend and do everything
together.  Thanks to Shi Chance is
already housebroken.  The only
problem is that he does not make a
sound to let us know when he is at the
door to go out so we have to watch for
his cues.  He loves to wrestle with Shi
and when it gets too much for Shi, he
simply redirects Chance with a toy.  
Raymond says that Chance is the
smartest dog he has ever seen – of
course we don’t say that in front of
Shi.  We have a friend that calls him
dandelion because he does look like
one.  And he does since he seems to
have bed head every day.  He is an
absolute delight; we have had many a
laugh at his puppy antics.
The Sugar Doodle
FYI: Birth to 8 weeks
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