4 weeks old
5 weeks old
6 weeks old
The Sugar Doodle
12 weeks old
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7 weeks old
8 weeks old
We had a great weekend with Brandie.  She is a very
sweet puppy who loves to explore yet stays very close
to us.  She loves her crate and responds very well to
"come" when called.    She is eating and drinking well
but doesn't seem to be devouring or eating too fast so
she may have more of the retriever trates.  Still working
on potty training:)
Hi Missy,  Hope all is well.  Here are some pics of Brandie from this past
weekend at 9 weeks.  She is very comfortable in her new surroundings and
loves old worn shirts and squeeky toys.  She loves to play with all sizes and
shapes of dogs.   Dog owners in the park comment that I must have a good
breeder:)    She is learning commands very quickly.   We start Puppy
Kindergarten this week.   I have Brandie set up in a puppy play pen during work
days that I purchased at Menards.   I crate train her for three hours in the
morning and then have her in the pen for the afternoon.  She has been to work  
but a little too distracting for me:)   I am feeding her three half cups of food a
day and she typically does not finish all of it.  I do give her extra food if it is a
high activity day.    
10 weeks
10 Weeks-Hi Missy,   I have increased her food quantity to a full cup
of food three times a day now as she receives three walks a day
plus play time with the neighbor dogs.  You will see her filling out
more in the next round of pictures.   
So far no attempts to chew shoes or furniture but it could be that
she is spoiled rotten with toys.  Anytime she shows curiosity in the
wrong thing we reintroduce a toy and it works!  She really likes the
soft toy that you sent along with us so thank you for including it.     
Brandie has been to two classes of puppy kindergarten and is doing
very well with the "leave it" command and the "settle" command is
now working well when she begins to get too bity or nippy when
playing.   She has always slept well at night with usually one potty
break before morning.  
The area I need to work on is walking properly with a leash.  
Brandie has her own agenda when on walks and I am looking
forward to learning the proper way to walk her in upcoming
training.   The potty training is going along quite nicely now as I
have learned to recognize a few signs.  She typically yawns with a
little squeal at the end and it is almost always accurate.
11 weeks old
11 weeks old
Hi Missy,  Hope you had a good week.  
Well here is our girl Brandie at 11
weeks.   She appears to be inheriting
her mother's long legs and she is a
beauty!   We are working diligently on
commands now.  The wait command,
leave it, and drop it command are what
we are focusing on and she does quite
well with the exception of socks.   No
treat will get her to drop those socks!    
We have chosen not to go to dog parks
as we find it too intimidating so we have
scheduled doggy get togethers with
neighbors and friends and Brandie
sure holds her own with her superiors!   

4 months
Hi Missy,  I am a little behind in pictures but wanted to send this
great one of Brandie from this past weekend.  She is doing
great!  She absolutely loves any type of water, whether it is
swimming,  baths or just sticking her whole head in a bucket of
water.   She has had lots of opportunities this summer to play
with other dogs and she does very well with a variety of breeds
but especially loves the doodles in the neighborhood.  We start
early adult training tonight.   Brandie has never chewed a shoe
or household cords, furniture etc.   Her only vice is socks and
Kleenex.   She is very smart and our connection with her is
amazing.        Paul plays all kinds of ball games and hide and
seek type games with her so the bond is very strong.  She no
longer sleeps in a crate at night as she does very well with her
dog bed.     Still working on boundry training at the cabin as
she tends to get pretty excited but mostly just runs in circles.  

I definitely see the value in owning two dogs based on how
happy she is when she has playmates so we look so forward to
getting her a brother.      I will take more pics on Labor Day
weekend when she is at 5 months.    

Hope all is well with you and your family!  I will be watching your
site for your puppy updates!
I am sending you a couple of pics of Brandi at 6 months.  She has bonded
with our 2 year old nephew Blake and they love to play keep away.   
Brandi has been spayed and I will send you the paperwork.   All is very
well in our household and Brandi is very loved.   She is now in doggy day
care twice a week so she can be with her friends.   Your new
English/Golden litter is adorable!    I hope you fill the litter quickly.   

6 months
Here is Brandi at 7 months old. She is 50 lbs. Isn't she beautiful?

8 months

9 months