Nov 17, 2012

7 Weeks Old
We've made such great progress!
Weaning has gone very well and we are sleeping almost through the night! We've had a kennel in with us to
"try" out. Some of us curl up inside it and some curl up outside. We've had a chance to try it out. We really
like having the radio on too. We are really smart and easily figured out in the morning when our people get
up, who it is that feeds us. This means everyone else  can walk through and we remain curled up. When Ron
tries to sneak through, undetected, that doesn't happen! As soon as we hear it's him, we are UP....all of us!  
Of course our momma Emma doesn't mind this but it means Ron doesn't get to wake up until we get some
food! Rumor has it he  went and bought new slippers to try to fool us..... That won't work for long!  

Once we get home to our new families we will get a chance to learn their routines...
... and get them wrapped around our "tails " too!
Golden Doodle Puppies
F1 Golden Doodles (50/50%)
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Wisconsin Breeder of Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale
"Please always work with a Responsible Breeder!"
Golden Retriever x Standard Poodle
Original Golden Doodle
Creates:  F1b Golden Doodles
Cross %:   50% Poodle/50% Golden Retriever
Coat Type: Varies, generally moderately evenor
loose type wave
Shedding: Varies, will shed some, but far
lessthan golden retrievers do. Approx. up to
10% of what Golden Retrievers shed
Allergies: Varies depending on coat, will
have some dander but will be much less
than Golden Retrievers. Good for families
with mild to moderate allergies to dander.
Framing: Varies, however English Creme
lines of Golden Retrievers tend tobe more
dominant. More likely to have Golden Retriever
frame. Approx 55-65lbs as adults.
Grooming: Varies, depends on coat type.
Probably not much grooming, maybe 1-2
times a year. May need to trim facial areas
or a a few wispy areas.
Perfect For: Families with mild allergies or
those looking for the most Golden Retriever
looks  in with the benefit of decreased
shedding of a Golden Doodle. Even easier to
train than Golden Retrievers, yes it is true!
Males or Females 1,200*
"Eligible for $100 spay/neuter
refund:  NEW* Now eligible
at time
of pick up with verification of
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