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Week 7
Wisconsin Breeder of Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale
"Please always work with a Responsible Breeder!"
Ariyanna & Ty's
Sugar Doodles
Golden Doodle (Sugar doodle style) x
Light Golden Retriever
=75% Golden Retriever x 25 % Standard Poodle
Golden Doodle x Golden Retriever
F1b-More Golden Retriever
Creates:  F1b Golden Doodles
Cross %:   25% Poodle/75% Golden Retriever
Coat Type: Varies, but leans towards less
curl most likely, more fur type coat.
Shedding: Varies, will shed some, but far less
than golden retrievers do. Approximately
up to 1/4 of what Golden Retrievers shed.
Allergies: Varies depending on coat, will
have some dander but will be less
than Golden Retrievers. Good for families
with only lightly mild allergies to dander.
Framing: Varies, however English Creme
lines of Golden Retrievers tend to
be more dominant. More likely to have
the stockier Golden Retriever frame.
Grooming: Varies, depends on coat type.
Probably not much grooming, may need
to trim facial hair or a few wispy areas.
Perfect For: Families with mild allergies or
those looking for the most Golden Retriever
looks  with the benefit of decreased shedding of
a Golden Doodle. Even easier to train than
Golden Retrievers, yes it is true

6 & 1/2 Weeks Old

Time is really moving fast now. We've been growing like weeds and our ears are headed into overdrive. It will take
a bit for us to fill into our ears after this most recent growth spurt! We have been busy learning the puppyhood
lessons of "Cause and effect" so while its fun to chomp a tail, its not so much fun to have your own tail chomped.
This time is where we will learn some manners...the hard way.
We've been playing hard and sleeping just as hard! Bath time is becoming more fun. The first few times are not so
much fun especially when they want to fluff and dry us, but now that we have the hang of it we really enjoy it.
Some of us cooperated for pictures this week and some of us were just interested in sleeping, so we slowly
slumped down to snuggle in as they were trying to take pictures. A few of us tried to taste the flowers, but the
people wouldn't allow that. No fun! We've been having newspaper in our box so we associate that with potty time
and not the rug thats below it. Its fun to play with and it keeps us clean when there's an "oops". Sleeping in the
food dish still happens regularly and our people laugh at us all the time about that. We sleep great through the
night so they cant really complain.
See you next week!
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