Kiwi did excellent delivering her puppies! Her last puppy was her biggest! Mr. Yellow, he
was huge. Otherwise everyone else is about the same size. None are quite as dark as
Kiwi,  though none are quite as light as Dartanien either. They seem to be somewhere in
the middle. The pictures are difficult to tell the coloring as they were still dark from being
wet from being born in the pictures. To give you an idea of their size, they are about the
size of a small-medium sized potato. Kiwi was so eager for her puppies to come after
Karma had hers a few days ago. Listening to the soft little squeals of new puppies trying
to find their spot to nurse really made Kiwi excited for hers. Now both moms are nestled
in their whelping pens with each of their babies and are quite content in the puppy
nursery room. She is doing fantastic keeping everyone clean and snuggled in. Kiwi is a
wonderful mom.
Very Brand New
& Wet too!
All Wet!
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Week 2
Welcome Puppies!
Kiwi & Dartanien
are proud to introduce their
7 beautiful bouncing
AKC Golden Retriever Puppies!

Born on: Sept 4, 2011
Boys: 5
Girls: 2
Ready on: Oct 29, 2011
Mr Blue
Mr Red
Miss Purple
Mr Yellow
Mr Orange
Mr Black
All Dry!