AKC "Kiwi Baby Wright"
American AKC Golden Retriever
Ron & Missy's special girl! She is an American Golden
Retriever-(medium colored golden)She is VERY sweet and
affectionate. She loves kids, and is especially close with our
oldest.  (Sometimes we think she believes she is
"One of the
) She is a pleaser and will always answer our call, even
when she doesn't really want to come. She still does.

Kiwi also LOVES the water. She has that retriever personality
ingrained in her. Hiding toys in the water lasts for 30 seconds
before she has them all out. Retrieving... It's her thing! Get out
the garden hose, and all bets are off. She has a blast with that!
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OFA Clearances:
Patellas- Normal

Thyroid- Normal

Cardiac- Normal

Hips- GOOD


Eye CERF- Normal-Pass
"Gotta love those LIP
SMAKIN' good treats!"
This is Kiwi 8 weeks (out of 9 weeks) pregnant.
"I am a week away from my due
date... Of course I am tired!"
Hey! There's
SNOW in my
Kiwi, Karma, Emma
(FYI-Depending on the
lighting, the camera
makes me look darker
than I am...oh well)
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"Kiwi" getting
some lovin'
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