F1 Golden Doodle
Sarah & Karma
5 weeks old
4 weeks old
3 weeks old
2 weeks old
1 week old
8 weeks old
6 weeks old
7 weeks old
9 weeks old
8 weeks old
And now.... Karma at SIX MONTHS old.
Kiwi, Karma, and Emma
Golden Retriever, Golden Doodle, and Standard Poodle
We are Located In Manitowoc, Wisconsin along Lake Michigan and offer Golden Retriever puppies and Golden Doodle Puppies for sale by a responsible breeder to loving
forever homes who promise to spoil them rotten! Golden Retriever and/or Sugar Doodle  colors vary from Golden, Cream, Creme, English, Blonde, Platinum, White, Tan, Honey
and more.. Born and raised in our loving WI home. Our Golden Retrievers, Poodles, and Goldendoodles live in our home, not a kennel!
Health Clearances:

Eye CERF- Normal-Pass

Heart- Normal

Cleared for Breeding!
Specialist reports her hips look
EXCELLENT even despite the fact
that she was in her heat cycle!

Her Parents:
Drex has all his OFAs
Emma has her passed x rays and
CERFs too.
A bunch of
Pics of our
A bunch of Pics of
our "Karma"  
during the Fall
Festival Parade
we were all in!
Wisconsin Breeder of Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale
"Please always work with a Responsible Breeder!"
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