$300 Deposit
"How many Pre-Birth Reservations are available?"
Generally we will accept 3 deposits for female pups and 3 for male pups before birth. Once the pups are born, all of them will be available for reservation. In some breeding
pairings we may wait until pregnancy is confirmed or the pups are born. Those instances will be noted on the future litters page.
"What do I do to reserve a puppy?"
You can reserve a puppy by placing a $300 deposit after you are approved with our simple adoption application. Once we've received your contract and deposit, and payment
has cleared, you will be placed on the reservation list. We only accept up to 6 pre-birth reservations.  If there are enough pups born in quantity and gender,
the deposits are
. At our discretion, we may allow a transfer of a deposit to a future litter (at future litter's price) although transfer request must occur before the puppy's 2nd
week of age  and must then be placed on a puppy to be born within one year of transfer request date. Other than this instance, deposits are
non-refundable. If we change the
litter price after you've placed a  deposit, the initial purchase price will remain unchanged.
"What is the difference between the waiting list and the reservation list?"
Once you're placed on the "Waiting List" we'll send you an email with breeding news. (Please keep in mind Spam blockers may occasionally interrupt our message means you are
waiting to be contacted. If you are serious about wanting one of our puppies, please fill out the Adoption application. We will contact you once you are approved & you may then
place a reservation deposit on a puppy. If you are serious, please do not hesitate as reservations do fill up quickly!
"Why are reservtion deposits required?"
This help us to be sure families are committed to the purchase of this puppy, amongst other things of course. There is also a great deal of time involved with accepting
applications, sometimes checking references, meeting with some families, and it is not uncommon for there to be several phone calls and/or emails exchanged, most of the time
before a deposit is even placed. Adding a furry family member takes some planning and we try very hard to make sure all concerns and questions are answered with as much
detail as we can provide. However, without paying a deposit we could run into situations where a buyer wanted the puppy, so we didn't find another home for the pup and then the
buyer never comes back. Then we've turned away other prospective families or we could have had more time finding a family for the puppy!  It is important for a puppy to bond
with its new family as soon as possible, so we really like to see them make it to their new families at 8 weeks of age, although we will miss them terribly!
Cash= Please use cash for in-person transactions-never mail cash.  
PayPal= Added benefits in that a credit card can be used for payment and it can be received within minutes-which is good for those "time crunch"
reservation deposits. Please be aware that the e-check option of the PayPal payment may take 3-5 business days for clearing. The other routes
through PayPal are more instant however either way is accepted as long as there is enough time for payment to clear. PayPal does charge us a
fee for the payments to be made, but we do NOT charge that fee to you.
Checks= Accepted if you are making a reservation deposit OR if  paying the balance due of a puppy, prior to the two weeks before the puppy
leaves. There is a $35 NSF fee if a check is returned unpaid. This fee is deducted from either your deposit or added to the purchase price. We
reserve the right to terminate the sale in those cases.
PLEASE NOTE AT TIME OF PICK UP :  Only CASH is accepted if you choose to pay the remaining balance when you get the puppy. This is to
prevent us from having the issue of a personal check not clearing or receiving an invalid money order and not knowing it until after the puppy has
left. Unfortunately, in this day in age, it is sadly another precaution we must take.
*FINAL PAYMENT Clarification:  Money Orders/Cashier's Checks/Personal Checks will be accepted up to 2 weeks before the puppy
leaves. Using Pay Pal, you will need to do so at least 5 business days  prior to pick up allow for clearing.
"How are the puppies chosen?"
The reservation list is determined by "first to make deposit" gets first choice, "second" gets second choice and so on. If a previous litter did not result in enough puppies for that
litters reservations, they have the option of being placed on the next comparable list. We have families make their choices in the 5th week. This is important so that those further
down the list can make their selection so that all of the families can follow the progress of their own puppies through the last few weeks. The puppies personalities can be seen in
the 5th week and because we have such close interaction with each puppy we really "know" them and can help you select the puppy that would fit best.
"What are the differences between the types of Golden Doodles?"
We can explain the difference between regular Golden Doodles, Sugar Doodles, and the backcross (F1b) Golden Doodles. Just Click         HERE
10   9   8    7   6    5  4    3    2    1
We are Located In Manitowoc, Wisconsin along Lake Michigan and offer Golden Retriever puppies and Golden Doodle Puppies for sale by a responsible breeder to loving forever homes who
promise to spoil them rotten! Golden Retriever and/or Sugar Doodle  colors vary from Golden, Cream, Creme, English, Blonde, Platinum, White, Tan, Honey and more.. Born and raised in our loving
WI home. Our Golden Retrievers, Poodles, and Goldendoodles live in our home, not a kennel!

AKC Golden Retrievers

American Golden Retrievers:
Male or Female $1,100*
The"familiar colored" Goldens
(example: a breeding between Kiwi to Brett)
English Creme & American Lines
Golden Retrievers:
Male or Female $1,200*
Color shades may vary.
The wonderful English Creme coloring and stockier frame tends to dominate
the litters however there can be some shade variations among the pups in
the litter.
(example: a breeding between Kiwi to Dartanien)
English Creme Golden Retrievers:
Male or Female $1600*
Light Cream to White colors. The English Creme lines are highly sought after
lines with great genetic diversity from imported lines and the stockier frame,
lighter coloring/coat, and even more mellow personality tends to dominate. These
types of Golden Retrievers are truly Show Stoppers!
(example: Sasha to Dartanien)

Golden Doodles
F1 American Golden Doodles
Male or Female $1400
Golden Retriever  & Standard Poodle
(F1= 50% Golden Retriever/50% Poodle)
Color Shades May Vary
F1b Golden Doodles or F1b Sugar Doodles
Male or Female $1,400 - $1,500
Goldendoodle  &  Standard Poodle =
(25% Golden Retriever/75% Standard Poodle)
Goldendoodle & Golden Retriever
(75% Golden Retriever/25% Standard Poodle)
"Sugar" Doodles
(Also known as English Creme Golden Doodles)
Male or Female $1,500 - $1,600*
These are Goldendoodles with English Creme lines of Golden Retrievers in either
parent or both parents. Color shades may vary but should be very light cream to white
in color. The English Creme color & stockier golden retriever frame tends to dominate
when using an English Creme.
Example: a breeding between Emma to Dartanien.
Their litter was completely Creme/White and
Color Scale:
(Not our dogs pictured- though we have noted a few other sites now using this
picture we are not affiliated with any other sites)
Mocha is a 10, Kiwi is a 9. Bear is a 5-6, Ty is a 3, Dart is between
1-2,  Both Sasha and Ariyanna (Sugardoodle) are a 1,
Karma (doodle) is a 4, Jax (doodle is a 2)
"Why an adoption questionaire?"
To be sure you understand the responsibilities & expectations of owning a pet and for the best fit for not only the puppy but also the family! We do not just want to make a
"SALE"... We want to place happy,healthy puppies with families who will love them as much as we have!
"Is there a Health Guarantee?"
All of our puppies come with Health Guarantees, not only because we KNOW they are healthy but also for your peace of mind. Rest assured we've gone to great lengths to find
beautiful, genetically sound, and healthy dogs. Healthy and well cared for dogs create healthy puppies which are a direct reflection on us. We wouldn't put our reputation on any
puppies who couldn't live up to the highest standards!
"What if there are not enough puppies born for the reservations?"
In the event there are NOT enough pups for the reservations we have received, you will be refunded your deposit  OR you may leave your deposit with us and be placed on the
next comparable reservation list. This is your choice. If the price of the next litter is different (more or less), you will be charged the
new price. Remember, it is your choice if you
want to be placed on the new list,
you can opt a refund. If you place your deposit with the following litter, all agreements apply as with all reservation deposits. Even when a deposit
has been transferred the deposit is non-refundable.
Please allow additional time for the refund of the deposit.
"Can the puppies get visits and how old are they when they can come home?"
We set up 1 or 2 "puppy visit days" for families to come and check out the puppies. We try to plan this first "puppy visit day" for the 5th week so that those who aren't sure which
puppy they want, can come and hold them and see which puppy they connect with in person. The second "puppy visit day" is usually a week or so later. Generally these are on
weekends.  We do realize there may be some schedule conflicts and will work with those on an individual basis so that everyone has an opportunity to come visit. We try to group
the visits because the puppies are in our home, with our family, and we have to coordinate the visits around work and family obligations. For example, a litter of 10 puppies could
result in 20+ visits if we did them all separately.  Some families like to visit us before they decide to reserve a puppy, and we will also accommodate those instances as well. The
puppies are 8 weeks old when they can join their families.
**Prior to all visits** Please do not visit any dog parks, veterinarian clinics, humane societies, dog kennels, or other areas where there are a number of dogs. We need to avoid
having any canine viruses or infections brought to our puppies at their young age. They will get their first vaccinations, but their immune systems are still new! Please pay close
attention that you do not wear any shoes, coats, or other clothing on your visit here that you have worn to these places.
**For our daughters' safety**: Please do not visit if you have a cough, cold, fever, or upper respiratory infection. We have two daughters who are disabled and use ventilators to
breathe and we can not risk the exposure to them. I am sure everyone would agree, No puppy visit is worth that potential risk!
"How does the Spay/Neuter Refund work?" -NEWLY REVISED
In order to promote responsible pet ownership- through being a responsible breeder -we started an incentive program in which we will discount $100 to our puppy families when they
confirm an appointment, at time of purchase, for Spaying or Neutering of their puppy (to be done within the first year of life).  The procedure
must occur by the pup's first birthday
and the vet appointment verification
must be submitted to us at time of pick up in order to qualify for discount. Previously we arranged to provide a refund after completion. Due to
busy schedules, and our frequent hospital visits we found it easier to provide the discount upfront so families would not have to wait for us to recieve the information and then to mail
it back out to them. We're making this change (Aug 2012) to improve customer satisfaction.
"What if we need advice or help?"
We are only a phone call or email away and we are "here for you!"  If you need any guidance, advice, etc., just let us know! We care about the puppies after they go home too
and we want to see them thrive. We give you a packet of information with training concepts that we use and know to work well for they types of puppies we offer. We love to
provide those little extras for you to enjoy those "puppy days" and to get through them too! As always, if life circumstances change and you are no longer able to provide care for
a puppy you obtained from us, we will always accept the puppy back- no questions asked-and will then relocate the puppy in a home that will be a good match. We care about
these puppies now
and forever!
"What type of health screening is done?"
We complete health screenings on our puppies at the appropriate stages to ensure creating the healthiest puppies possible! Puppies see the vet for their first health check within
a few days of life and have their dewclaws removed then also. They see the vet again during the 7th week, in which they will get their clearance from the vet to join their new
families. Our adults are examined either screened through our vet, or completion of Pennhip, or completion of OFA. Each of their pages states their individual information.
"How are the breeding pairs and timings selected?"
While we always have the prices listed, we don't have every style of these puppies available at all times.  We breed according to the greatest interest and best pairing to meet the
needs of the potential families. We would never breed any dog that had any undesirable characteristics, and yes in the past we have had a dog that had a perfect personality but
didn't meet the physical clearances, and we had a golden Retriever that passed all the OFA clearances but did not meet standards in character and personality.  We are not a
large breeder, but we are able to customize our breedings to create a variety of styles of Golden Retrievers and Doodles, always keeping quality and health in mind.  We also do
allow for breeding rests for our females, They are not bred every single heat cycle. The heat cycle timing is determined by nature, but we take a lot into consideration well before
each expected breeding.
For Starters:
Wisconsin Breeder of Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale
"Please always work with a Responsible Breeder!"
Click  this link  to Register
your puppy's Microchip!
Puppy Pricing
Reserving a Puppy:
Puppy Selection:
Health Info:
Other Info:
*All Puppies have a $100 Spay/Neuter Refund
What is included in the Puppy Care Kit?
Specifically detailed training info for your type of puppy
Such as: Housebreaking, chewing, whining, crate training,
behavior changes, dangerous items, proper discipline

Starter bag of Puppy food, rawhide, and Toy
Online Pictures throughout their first 8 weeks
Puppy lifetime help & guidance
Registration Certificate
Microchip Certificate
Vet check & Deworming at
weeks 3,5, & 7, first vaccinations
Microchip & Dew Claw Removal.
Daily socialization, attention, and 1:1 time
Weekly bathing, nail trimming, & brushing
Oral & paw stimulation for
proper development
Introduction to training concepts
Clean & Cozy Nursery INSIDE our home
2 yr Health Guarantee Contract
Spay/Neuter Appt. Discount of $100
(details in contract)
Your pup will get:
Payment Options:
Frequently Asked Questions
& Pricing
We are proudly State Licensed
& Inspected:  # 289508-DS