CKC "Emma of Thosegoldens"
Standard Sized White Poodle
Ron & Missy's other gal. She is UNBELIEVABLY intelligent and loves
attention. She learns things in less than a week. She is just what you
would think a (Standard-white) poodle would be when it comes to  
grooming, she loves it. It makes her day to be all dolled up! She is so
loving and affectionate,as well as curious. Not to mention, as sense of
humor! Yes, it's true. She actually plays 'freeze tag' or 'Red light/Green
light' with the kids! She nudges them with her nose and then runs
when they turn to look at her... When they turn their back to her, she
sneaks up to nudge them again... If they turn to look at her too soon
she stops, drops and spins around to run away and then starts all
over! You just have to laugh!  We are so in love with our Emma! She's
a white poodle, and not a golden... Although I don't think she knows

She has produced some beautiful Golden Doodle Puppies who are
so absolutely amazing and unbelievably intelligent! In fact, Emma is
the mom to our Karma!

More info below......

Doodles are low shedding and some are almost non-shedding so that is what
makes them so appealing. Not to mention Doodles are ADORABLE!
Plus they have softer (almost puppy-like) fur  forever!

We are excited to offer not only Golden Doodles but Sugar Doodles too!
The difference being that she will be bred with an exquisite line of the English
Creme Golden Retrievers!This will create a beautiful doodle who is much lighter
in color than the average doodle and has more of the Golden Retriever features
with the decreased to almost absent shedding of the Poodle.

Doodles provide a drastic difference in shedding, and sometimes no shedding,
So families with allergy issues often can tolerate Doodles. Not to mention that
Doodles can have very wavy to just slightly wavy hair that can be of the texture of
a golden or of the soft silky hair of the poodle or anything in between!

Emma and Dartanien have produced GORGEOUS  "Sugar"Doodles!
We are Located In Manitowoc, Wisconsin along Lake Michigan and offer Golden Retriever puppies and Golden
Doodle Puppies for sale by a responsible breeder to loving forever homes who promise to spoil them rotten!
As you can see...
We have lots of fun
with her hair... She
loves the attention!
Pregnant Mommy at 7
weeks along -
Don't ask... I know!
7 weeks pregnant
Long hair makes me look like
a doodle... Or Fraggle Rock
Health  Clearances:

Eye CERF- Normal-Pass

Heart: Normal

Specialist specifically stated she is clear to

Emmas Daughter:
Karma has her Preliminary Xrays and results
came back Excellent!
Poodle Emma with
her Doodle
Daughter Karma
Emma & Karma
and Matching
birthmarks under
the tongue!
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