AKC "Dartanien Silver Knight of Heartsogold"
English Creme Style
AKC Golden Retriever
Ron & Missy's knight in shining armor! What a handsome, blocky,
large face and head he has! He is also an English Creme Golden
Retriever and his coat is very silky and soft. He loves his treats and to
have your hand petting him.  He just cant get enough.  He comes for
anyone's call.... No matter who they are.... It doesn't matter as long as
someone is going to pet him! He's not a jumper, not a barker... oh he's
a lover!
He is also so the true blue  MR. MELLOW!!!!!!!
We drove over 2,500 miles to get him and he came from imported
parents with amazing, high quality lines. He has the perfect
temperament for a family. He probably wouldnt make the best guard
dog, as he'd try to make friends with anyone he met..... especially if
they had treats!
But as for the best dog.... you're looking at him!
Update 01/07/09:
Dartanien's Xrays and Exam results came back great! His hips and elbow checked out excellent  and
he will have no problem passing his OFAs which will be sent in later this spring!
Before we got him, when Dart was a pup he had an injury to one of his front legs and Xrays showed
some damage to that elbow. For breeding clearances we wanted to make sure it was from an injury
and not genetic, so we had to wait until he was older to be re x-rayed.... and the vet is very confident
that his initial results of that leg was from an injury and not genetic and said all his other legs and joints
look absolutely wonderful. Great News!
He's completed his testing for his eyes and now his his eye CERF clearance as of May 30, 2009. He
also has had his OFA testing completed.
OFA's  passed. All passed with exception to the elbows due to the injury from when he was
a puppy. The vet cleared him for breeding because the results were some damage from the
injury and nothing genetic. If there was any doubt this was genetic, breeding would not be
permitted however the Vet Confirmed he is clear for breeding. He's had three sets of
screenings to be sure.
OFA Clearances:
Patellas- Normal

Thyroid- Normal

Cardiac- Normal

Hips- GOOD

Elbows-Normal per Vet
Clearance x 3 scans

Eyes CERF: Normal Pass
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