We are proudly State Licensed
& Inspected:  # 289508-DS
"Did you know"
All dog breeds are genetically similar by 99.8% and only
0.2% of the canine genome is responsible for making
them look so different from breed to breed. Also 130 years
ago 80% of the current breeds today did not exist. It was
only through careful selective breeding that we have such
wonderful variety of breeds today!
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WE ARE EXCITED to let you know
We found a FOOD product that we LOVE and can fully stand behind. After speaking with our vets, months of
researching, speaking with other breeders, and doing a trial ourselves we have decided to completely switch
to using Life's Abundance. It isn't purchased in stores, rather online and shipped to your home. Which is even
better! We can get samples for our puppy families also. If you want one for one of our puppies let me know.  
Click the pictures/link below, linked from our website, to see what they all have to offer! You can order through
us using this link. They really do have the best products!

We have Christmas ready puppies!
They'll be about 30-35lbs full grown!

Reservations available! Due to the holidays the reservations will fill fast. Call or Text us today!
Males or Females 1,500*
"Eligible for $100 spay/neuter
Appointment Price Reduction"