"Those Goldens"
                                 Puppy Sale/Health Contract

By Selective breeding, we are able to produce the Golden Doodle, a designer breed that reflects the breed traits of both the Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodle.
Personality, grace, and natural agility are great qualities in both breeds and together have had wonderful outcomes. AKC has yet to recognize this breed, however we
feel confident it is in the future as other Kennel Clubs have started to recognize them. We will continue to promote achieving these qualities through our careful
breeding efforts.
This puppy was born under the care of THOSE GOLDENS (Ronald Wright)
Buyer Info




Phone Numbers: (___) ___________        (____) _____________

Puppy Info

Birthdate: ___________


Ribbon Color:   ________________________

Parents:    Father (Sire)

                  Mother (Dam)

Breeding Rights:  NONE

Payment Info

Total Price:_____________  Initials here ____  when price is already reduced by $100 for the Spay/Neuter Pre-scheduled appointment.

Deposit Amt.____________ *Non-Refundable* Checks accepted for deposits. Must allow 14 days for payment to clear.  Pay Pal accepted once
                     Payment has cleared (PayPal echeck option may take 3-5 business days other Paypal options are faster.)

Balance Due: ___________  *Paypal Payments for final balance must be completed at least 7 days prior to pick up/delivery.
                     Check Payments for final balance must be completed at least 14 days prior to pick up/delivery.
Final Payments yet to be made at pick up: MUST be in CASH only. No CHECKS/No Paypal/No Money Orders.

Delivery Fee:____________  *Must be paid prior to delivery/shipping to allow time to clear. Pay pal payments 7 days prior, Checks 14 days prior.

Payment Types:
Cash:       Never mail cash. Cash is accepted in person and is the only type of payment accepted if completing payment at pick up time.
PayPal:    Please allow 7 days to clear. Pay Pal does charge us a fee for the payments to be made, but we do NOT charge that fee to you.
Checks:   Please allow 14 days prior to pick up. There is a $35 NSF fee if a check is returned unpaid. This fee is deducted from either your         
              deposit or added to the purchase price. We reserve the right to terminate the sale in those cases.

Pick Up Date:_________ *Puppies are generally ready at 8 wks of age. If a puppy is smaller or needs more time, seller
           reserves right to hold puppy a little longer until pup is fully ready for transition to new home.
           If placing deposit on puppy who is ready, expected time frame is within 1 week, unless otherwise
           agreed upon. Failure to pick up within 1 week or agreed upon time frame, results in cancellation
           of sale, no monies refunded, and puppy placed up for available for sale to new family.

For Pick up  Please bring a dish, a bottle of water, a blanket or towel, a baggie and some paper towel for transport home. Puppy will need to
have a potty break after 2 hours traveling, or once waking from a nap. Motion sickness can cause an upset stomach even when  we have given the
puppy a break from eating prior to pick up. Please be prepared for a small clean up. Keep puppy hydrated with water and NEVER leave puppy in a car
unattended, especially on even just a slightly warm day. Cars heat up fast!

In the unforeseen event:  That a puppy becomes ill, gets hurt, or dies before puppy is ready to go to new family or if there are NOT enough pups born for the
reservations we have received, you will be refunded your deposit  
OR you may leave your deposit with us and be placed on the next comparable reservation list. This is
your choice. If the price of the next litter is different (more or less), you will be charged the
new price. Remember, it is your choice if you want to be placed on the new
you can opt a refund. If you place your deposit with the following litter, all agreements apply as with all reservation deposits. Even when a deposit has been
transferred the deposit is non-refundable.
Please allow additional time for the refund of the deposit.


* The buyer has examined puppy and found it to be free of parasites and in good health.

Please note: While we do research lineage and health of parents, grandparents, and monitor our offspring continually. There are some health issues that can occur
due to the nature of the breed, large breed, and dogs in general. Every breeder may run across a puppy at some point that could have a heart murmur, a thyroid issue,
or a cancer as an adult,  or could develop hip dysplasia, or other unforseen things. (Especially since a lot of hip displasia factors are environmental) There is no 100%
absolute prevention any breed or breeder can promise. Anyone who promises that is not being honest. These are living creatures and things sometimes happen. We
can promise to stand behind the health of our dogs and to act responsibly. We also ask you to keep us informed if your puppy develops any issues, even as an adult.
We constantly strive to improve our lines and  breeding pairs and this is valuable information.

* Puppy must be spayed or neutered by 1 year, preferably by 6 months of age (unless sold with breeding rights).
HEALTH GUARANTEE is VOID if Spay/Neuter is not completed by 1st birthday. ALSO if Health Guarantee is enacted puppy must be spayed/neutered prior to 1st
birthday and also prior to any refund/replacement is given.
This is important to ensure prevention of unplanned litters or litters from undesirable breeding parents.

* If sold with breeding rights. No guarantees are placed as to the results puppy will have in competition, or breeding capabilities. This is beyond sellers control and are
affected by care, environment, diet, stressors, and many other things. Rest assured only puppies who seller feels will promote true quality and characteristics for
continuing improving the breed are permitted to the best of ability.

* The buyer agrees to feed high quality foods, maintain veterinary requirements and vaccinations, keep puppy safe from harm, provide shelter. Buyer will groom, train
and care for this animal in a manner consistent with high quality animal husbandry practices and those endorsed by the Golden Retriever Club of America.

* The buyer agrees to NEVER surrender the puppy to a humane shelter or "pound", or to give away, or sell. If Buyer is unable to care for puppy at any point in his/her life,
buyer agrees to give puppy back to seller to be re-homed to a family of sellers choice. This goes into effect the same day the puppy leaves sellers home. No refunds or
resale fees are given. Seller does not want to contribute to overpopulation of unwanted pets at shelters.

* The buyer agrees this puppy will never be given/sold to any pet stores, wholesalers, retailers, raffles, rescue centers, or as donation prizes.

* The buyer agrees that seller is not responsible for any veterinary fees at any time.

* The buyer agrees to seek medical attention for puppy at any signs of illness or unusual behavior.

*The Original Buyer(s) Agree(s): This puppy will be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 business days of receipt. Weekends and Holidays do not count as part
of the 3 days. A verified letter from the veterinarian is required if the puppy is returned due to illness (excluding parasites)-deemed present prior to removal from original
premises. The ill puppy must be returned within 24 hours of veterinarian exam. The seller assumes no responsibility (of said puppy after the puppy leaves the sellers
premises) for medical expenses, disease, mortality, landlord disapproval, allergies, disagreement of the family, marital dispute, or any other reasons. Under no
circumstances is the seller responsible for any veterinarian bills incurred with the puppy after time of sale. Providing ill puppy is returned within 24 hours of veterinarian
exam, performed within 3 business days of buyer originally taking possession of puppy, the seller will refund the purchase price of puppy or make arrangements to
replace the puppy from a future comparable litter, at the sellers discretion.  Please note: Diarrhea is a common occurrence when puppies transition from one home to
another and from the travel, food changes, water changes, excitement, extra treats, and increased activities. Please consider this if diarrhea (loose stools) occur as it
may be from the changes and not from being ill.

* The buyer and seller agree this contract has been completed in Manitowoc County, State of Wisconsin. This contract has been completed between only buyer and
seller and any/all court proceedings must take place, filed, and heard within Manitowoc County, State of Wisconsin even when buyer is from out of county/state. No part
of this legal contract is transferable.

Health History:
Puppy has received up to date vaccinations for:
A 5 way series. (Puppies under 9 weeks should not be vaccinated with a 7 way series.)
Rabies vaccinations are still required (not permitted under 16 wks of age)-Please follow your veterinarian's suggestions
Preventative Dewormings have been completed for a minimum of 3 courses
Dewormings are completed at week 3, 5, 7 with Pyrantel Pamoate based deworming medication.

Reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent this puppy from acquiring hereditary defects of the hips, eyes and heart. However, due to unknown hereditary and
environmental causes of such defects, in some cases these defects may still occur despite the best of testing. Therefore, should said puppy by diagnosed by a Board
Certified Specialist  as having
hereditary defects for hips, eyes, or heart AND by verification through a radiographic specialist of mild or greater genetic hip dysplasia
within 24 months of age, or genetic defects by a Board Certified Canine Eye Specialist for eyes within 12 month of age, or genetic defects by a Canine Heart Specialist
for heart within in 12 months of age,the Sellers will choose,
upon the sellers discretion, either replacement or refund.  Replacement of said puppy will be with a puppy
from another comparable breeding or if no comparable puppies are available within following 12 month period then buyers may pay the difference for the price of a
higher priced puppy replacement or sellers refund the difference in price for a lower priced puppy replacement, or sellers will reimburse the purchase price(minus
spay/neuter discounts if they have already been credited to buyer) within 90 days of seller's verification of condition. This guarantee is valid until 24 months of age for
genetic hip defects and 12 months of age for genetic eye and heart  defects.  Complete verification of genetic defects must be received by seller by the 25th month of
age for hips and the 13th month of age for eyes and heart for this guarantee to be honored.
For clarification purposes, Specialty testing is not required for routine
The Specialist's testing is only required to provide verification that a genetic defect has occurred as part of the verification process to utilize this health
guarantee's refund or replacement options, seller is not responsible for any testing fees.

This guarantee will be null and void should said puppy be over-exercised, injured, fed less than high quality dog food, be considered overweight, not current on
vaccinations or heart worm medications throughout such time period, and in the case of females if they have had any puppies. This guarantee is only valid for original
buyer and original puppy. The sellers are in no way responsible for any testing/certification/veterinary expenses or travel expenses at any time. The puppy will not be
required to be returned to seller.  However the buyer will be required to spay/neuter before completion of the refund or replacement. As always, if puppy is no longer
able to be cared for, sellers will accept puppy back (at no cost to seller) with the intent to re-home puppy.

Seller agrees to discount the purchase price $100 with verification of appointment for spay or neuter provided to buyer at time of sale for puppies that are purchased at
the full price. This does not apply to puppies that have been already discounted.

Misc Info/Changes: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Additional Fee/Legal Info:
Buyer is responsible for checking local and state laws regarding pet ownership and licensing. If this puppy is purchased as a PET and is not spayed/neutered by 13
months of age, the buyer agrees to pay the seller an additional sum of $2000.00 plus any legal fees incurred to enforce paying such fee.

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