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3 weeks old
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7 weeks old
June 2009
What a sweet, loving puppy! She's doing great
with potty training! At first after she came home
she would cry when she was alone and she'd
beg to come out by us and eventually we gave
in and let her sleep by us. She doesn't bother a
thing, as long as she is with us. She gets so
attached so easily. She gets excited and
piddles a little but that they say she'll outgrow
that. She hasn't been too much of a chewer but
she does love to dig in the water bowl. It must
be more fun to "Wear" the water than to drink it.
She also loves to lay on the floor with her front
feet facing one side and her back legs facing
the other or with all four paws spread out so
she looks like a mini polar bear rug! We love
her so much!
The Sugar Doodle
10 weeks old
9 weeks old
9 weeks old
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About Ariyanna:
She was placed with our very good friend Donna (Donna is also one of the nurses
who takes care of our disabled children). She enjoys a very spoiled and
pampered life. Going to Michigan a few times a month where she can romp and
play with the grandchildren and their other 'doggy' friends! Ariyanna has been
quite the social butterfly with all of her adventures. She is wonderful in the car and
is a favorite among any and all children. She has a very curious nature and
wouldnt hurt a fly! She knows she is a princess though so when new visitors come,
if they don't say hit to her she'll bark at them as if to not be all that sure of them.
When the visitors talk to her, she's perfectly happy.  A princess can't be ignored
you know! In all actuality she is pretty smart since she senses if someone isn't
talking to her, they probably don't belong there! Smart girl. She gets a lot of
attention. "What kind of dog is that?" and "Wow she's beautiful" The best one is
when they pet her "WOW I wasn't expecting her fur to be soooooo soft! Of course
we smile ear to ear and so does she!We look forward to her litters of puppies as
she provides us with some simply stunning Goldendoodles! We can't wait!
Lives with our close friend Donna, who
is also a nurse for our daughters.