Brat Days Parade

ThoseGoldens ( that's us)
(Our Breeder Friends)
The Those Goldens & our friends Group photo
Missy with Cage, Ty, & Dart
Dartanien....frequents the cameras.... Big ol' HAM!
Ty and Dart getting some lovin'
Shhhh....we dressed Cage up like a girl!
Color coordinated Ty
C'mon everyone...line up!
Cage..needs a nap and a trim too!
Cage..needs a nap and a trim too!
Ty's close up... coming...!
Ty ready...set....LETS GO!
"Zzzzzzzzzzzzz"....... says Cage
Cage would be a pretty girl!
"But I know your a boy"... says Ty
"Heh eh hehehe"
"Did you get my good side?"....says Dartanien
"I'm Ready, I'm Ready"
"Hey your cute"
Dart making friends
Dartanien Aug 2009
Babies love other Babies!
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