Reservations CURRENTLY available:
READY 3-13
Two females and one male

Waiting for puppies to arrive in April!

WE ARE EXCITED to let you know
We found a FOOD product that we LOVE and can fully stand
behind. After speaking with our vets, months of researching,
speaking with other breeders, and doing a trial ourselves we
have decided to completely switch to using Life's
Abundance. It isn't purchased in stores, rather online and
shipped to your home. Which is even better! We can get
samples for our puppy families also.   Click the link below,
linked from our website, to see what they all have to
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"Those Goldens" currently offers AKC Golden Retriever Puppies for
sale from American and the exquisite English Creme lines.
We also are breeders of:
Golden Doodle & "Sugar" Doodle Puppies!
Located In Manitowoc, Wisconsin along Lake Michigan

All of our dogs are family pets that live in our home, on our couches, & sometimes on
our beds! They are very much a part of our lives and we love our beautiful dogs and the
wonderful puppies they produce. It is important to us to find happy,loving forever homes
for each of them to become a part of.
"Those Goldens"
Golden Retrievers  &  Golden Doodles
From our home and HEART....
...To yours
We are Proud Golden Retriever
Breeders of American Golden
Retrievers, Exquisite English
Creme Golden Retrievers,
Creme Golden Doodles!
Located in Wisconsin
We are Located In Manitowoc, Wisconsin along Lake Michigan and offer Golden Retriever puppies and Golden Doodle Puppies for sale by a responsible breeder to loving forever homes who promise to
spoil them rotten! Golden Retriever and/or Sugar Doodle  colors vary from Golden, Cream, Creme, English, Blonde, Platinum, White, Tan, Honey and more.. Born and raised in our loving WI home.Our
Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles, and Poodles live in our home, never a kennel.
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Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Puppies

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We have Golden Retriever Puppies the American and English Creme styles and  Golden Doodle Puppies of the American and English Creme
styles... Aka: Sugar Doodles, F1 and F1b types of golden doodles-at various intervals but we do allow for breeding rests. All puppies bred by
this Wisconsin Breeder always live inside our home and are very well socialized.
Located in
Manitowoc, WI
Wisconsin Breeder of Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale
"Please always work with a Responsible Breeder!"

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Princess Erin's
We are proudly State Licensed
& Inspected:  # 289508-DS

Thank you for your patience while we have been dealing with medical issues recently.
If you haven't heard from us please feel free to call at or email us! 920-645-3494 or thosegoldens@yahoo.com